dvr Commissioning Cleanser

Commissioning Cleanser is a multi functional  surfactant based  cleaner. It is the new generation in one step cleaner product with low  foaming and very effective.

Technical Specifications:


Odour Odourless
Appeearance Liquid Off White
Specific Vapor Density No data
Liquid Density 1.12  at 20 °C
pH 8.5-9.0
Boiling Point 100 °C at 760 mm /Hg
Using Procedure:

Commissioning Cleanser is for cleaning of new boilers and cooling systems on board new buildings. It will remove scale, rust, oil and grease at the same time from the systems. The product is recirculated through the system, using an external circulation pump.

Use the dosage 5-10% solution depending on the grade of contamination.

Degreasing and descaling of boiler and cooling water systems

Drain system to be cleaned if necessary.

  1. Inspect as completely as possible to determine the extent of contamination and general condition of system.
  2. Fill with fresh water.
  3. Add a solution 5-10% strength of Commissioning Cleanser.
  4. Circulate through the system for 5 to 8 hours at the maximum temperature allowed by the system.
  5. Drain system complete and flush thoroughly the entire system and all compounds with fresh water until effluent is clear.
  6. Reinspect to determine results of the cleaning process.
  7. If unsatisfactory, repeat steps 3 through 7.
  8. Refill system with distillate or good quality fresh water and dose the required amount of cooling or boiler water treatment.
  9. Test system on a regular basis to insure chemical residuals are maintained with specific limits.

Water based multifunctional cleaner. Biodegradable. Does not contain nonyl phenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds. Cleaning of new systems for mill scale, rust, oil etc.. Cleans water systems with light scale and a thin oil film. Provides a temporary protection against corrosion by passivation. No need of neutralization chemicals afterwards. Safe on aluminium, zinc, tin and their alloys. Quick separation of oil after cleaning.

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