dvr Coco Di Ethanol Amide


Cocodiethanolamide is non-ionic in nature. Because of  high percentage of amide (~90%) and low percentage of free diethanol amine, it serves as a good foam booster, an excellent thickening agent and viscosity builder. It has wide application in cosmetics, Toiletories and textile softener preparation. It has benefit of more effective solubilisation of perfumes in your end product.
Technical Specifications:
Product Information  
Chemical  Coco diethanolamide 
CAS Number  68603-42-9 

Composition / Information on Ingredients
Chemical Name CAS Registry No. Percent Exposure Limits
Coco diethanolamide  68603-42-9  > 90%  None established
Diethanolamine 111-42-2 < 5 0.46 ppm; TWA 
Appearance  Clear pale yellow Viscous liquid 
PH of 10% Solution  9 %u2013 10.5 
Specific Gravity  Approx. 1.03 
Moisture  Max. 1% 
Sulfated Ash  Max. 1% 
Free Fatty Acid(as Lauric acid)  Max. 1.0 % 
Free Amine (as diethanolamine)  Max. 9% 

 It is used as foam booster and viscosity builder in Shampoo.

Coco-die is used as a foam booster for shampoos, additive in synthetic lubricants, viscosity modifier, conditioner, emulsifier, wetting agent, penetrate, dye dispersant scouring aid, anti stat, metal processing etc.

The Coco-diethanolamide is used as foam booster & viscosity builder in shampoo. We manufacture Coco-diethanolamide in various specifications used across industries. 
Coco die is soluble in water and is used in manufacture of liquid detergents. It is advantageously used in various cosmetics preparations namely shampoo, hair oils as a foam booster, stabilizer, thickening agent & wetting agent. 

Coco-die is available in various packaging options that cater to the different requirements of end-users. Other uses of coco-die are in textile scouring, leveling, cleaning, lubricating agents, metal anti-corrosives, pigments dispersant's and perfume carrier, latex stabilizer.    

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