dvr Cloud Point Improvers

Lower the freezing point and stop problems caused by the diesel freezing  wax solid in lines. The most important role of RXSOL additives is restrict crystalization of wax at cloud point of fuel .

In general at lower temperature paraffin content of fuel  started to crystallize and form tiny lumps of crystals which prohibit flow rate, Good emulsification through RXSOL-41-8977-025 restrict crystallization process in fuel tank.


The Cloud Point of a gasoil is the temperature at which the first paraffin-precipitation can be observed. In order to lower the Cloud Point of a gasoil normally a blend with kerosine (containing no paraffins) is made to comply with the required characteristics. As sometimes very small adjustments are required of only 2 degree Celsius lower, we can advise the use of a Cloud-Point-Improver.


Using Procedure:

Cold flow improver mixed properly in fuel to dissolved wax present. It should be added to a tank before the fuel is put in so that mixing takes place. Pouring it in the top of a tank in which the wax has dropped out of the diesel is a waste of time. 

Mixing Condition :::  Must avoid mixing of RXSOL-41-8977-025 at cloud point of fuel.  Mixing suitable condition is atleast 5 to 10 °C above cloud point of FUEL.

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