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We also keeping other grades of Phosphate Chemicals and Formate Chemicals. Our product range covers high-quality products and most competitive price, 

(1)phosphate chemicals:
                                        Red phosphorus
                                        Malic acid
                                        Phosphoric Acid 75%,85% food grade
                                        Polyphosphoric Acid 105%,115%
                                        Phosphorus acid 98.5%,99…..

Flocculating Agentsmore_vert

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Typical dose rate: 100 – 500ppm (0.1 – 0.5 litre/m3 of water) In a multistage bilge water cleaning system, Bilge Water Flocculant is fed undiluted through a dosage pump connected to the pressure side of the oil descaler. The floc tank is fed according to the flow of the bilge water pumped into it. The feed is adjusted in connection with the installation and normally needs no alteration. If required, dosing can also be controlled by measuring the level in the container.

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Mixed Bed resins, a mixture of cation and anions are used as polishers to obtain low conductivity water. Typically, low conductivity water is required for bolier feed for high pressure boilers, electronics, electrical discharge cutting machines and pharmaceutical applications.
Mixed Bed can also be used as a primary deionisation unit when the inlet salt is low. Mixed Beds also find applications in process industry where demineralization of pH sensitive products is to be carried out.
Mixed Bed Re…..

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Each application requires a different water quality. In general cation resin for water softening and demineralization may last 5 to 10 years. Anion resins used in demineralization last anywhere from 3 to 5 years and are dependent on operational conditions. Like every other resin, the life of mixed bed resin is dependent on the application in which it is being used. Resin life is difficult to predict; in critical applications it's best to start analyzing and benchmarking the resin at least once…..

Activated Carbon COCOmore_vert

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Powdered varieties of Activated Carbon are used in liquid phase application  primarily for removal of undesired color, smell and other impurities in many types of industries Including basic drugs, fine chemicals, glucose, sugar, electroplating plasticizers and so on.  Quite often, powdered carbon is washed with acid and then, repeatedly with water & dried  to minimize impurities like soluble ash-iron, heavy metals etc. Activated Carbon …..

DI Water Maker Plant Full Setmore_vert

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When dissolved solids are removed form water,
The resulting (DI-water)acts as a %u2018hungry%u2019 will clean surface of oil, grease, solder, flux, dust, wax, ink, and other unwanted constituents.

Every piece of metal to be painted or plated, Including whole automobile chessises, is washed and then rinsed with DI water prior to painting. Your car will base spots after washing unless rinsed with de-ionised water. Computer ships with a space of only 0.2 microns between circuits must be absolutely f…..

Scale Lime Cleaner DE Limer Machine Descalermore_vert

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RXSOL-11-1052-5 is a mild descaling liquid suitably designed to remove lime, food films and water scales from metallic and plastic surfaces in food processing operations.  It attacks the built up calcium, magnesium or iron scales instantly and removes the scales.  It finds extensive applications in de-liming machines, steam tables, cleaning stainless steel and iron equipments, floors, shower stalls, tiles, walls or any surface to be cleaned from scale deposits.  It contains a mixture of liquid…..

Sodium Hypo Chlorite 25 Ltrsmore_vert

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Spraying – Following rough washing to a good Water White or better, apply dilute Bleach to 1 – 3% strength.  First wet the tank surface (spray with DI water), then spray all over with Bleach, wait 30 minute (but do not allow to dry) and then rinse very well with DI water, including the tank top towards the sump.  To ensure that you have covered all areas properly, this process should be carried out at least twice with good DI water.

Injection -no.

Re-circulation – Following rough washing  to…..