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Future and Benefit :
· Elimination of chlorinated solvents.
· Versatility – rack or barrel, spray, immersion or electrolytic on ferrous and non-ferrous   metals.
· Economical – long life and effective cleaning.
· Emulsifies and saponifies oils to prevent oil flotation.
Disposal :
Dispose of in accordance with local authority requirements……

Soak Clean Eco HDmore_vert

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Tanks:  Mild or stainless steel or other materials suitable for use with alkaline solutions.
Heaters: PTFE, stainless steel or mild steel immersion heaters or steam coils. It is essential that the tanks to be used for Soak Clean Eco HD are thoroughly cleaned and leached before any product is introduced. If in any doubt as to the cleaning procedure please contact PMD Technical Department.

1. ¾ fill tank with water.

2. Add the required weight of Soak Clean Eco …..

Sodium Dichromate ( BICHROMATE )more_vert

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Dichromates are power oxidizing agents which find applications in:

Chromium source in preparing chromium compounds

Leather tanning and screen printing


Pyrotechnics and explosives

Pigment preparation

Wood Preservative

Metal Treating and corrosion inhibitor

Oil drilling

Catalyst for the chromium metal production

Photographic engraving

In biological field, potassium dichromate is used as a fixative for used for conservation of tissue sections.  …..

Steel Strip Cleaner ALKALINEmore_vert

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The Exact dose is depends on continuty of strip and deposition of soil, oily part etc. It is highly alkaline product and  provided by Pentahydrate saponifies fatty soil which makes them readily dissolvable. The saponified fatty soil acts as a soap and contributes to the emulsification and removal of oily and greasy soil. Normal Dose 5-10%……

Steel Test Reagent For 304/316 ( Molybdenum Test )more_vert

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Work preferably at a temperature between 15 and 25 degree C (more time is required for lower temperatures).
When the steel contains no molybdenum the colour does not change (during the first minutes).
While RXSOL MIX Reagent gradually turn to brown in case of steel with more than 0.15% of molybdenum.
When the molybdenum value is higher than 1.5%; the reagent turns to intensive brown cholocate.
Browning speed increases with molybdenum content;  In the 18/8 standard steels, it%u2019s recommended …..

Super Kleen 5380more_vert

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Deep Cleaning detergent for oil, greases, brake dust, and other soils from non-ferrous metals

100% Active Concentrated chemical with no fillers

Formulated with rust inhibitors to protect your washer & unrinsed parts

Low foaming with built-in defoamant is effective with synthetic products.

Super rinseability provides Low electrical conductivity and complete chemical removal with no staining or  residues. Ideal for washing electrical motor armatures and other electrica…..

Rustochem 680 Derusting Solutionmore_vert

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Precautions :

Avoid contact with skin, eyes & clothing

Protective clothing such as pvc/rubber gloves, eye goggles and aprons should be worn while handling or working with RXSOL RUSTOCHEM 680  

For splashes/splatters on eyes or skin wash with fresh water continuously for 1 minute then apply calcium gluconate gel and massage into affected area. consult physician if necessary

Passivate – 1 SS Cleanermore_vert

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Features & Benefit :

Restores and brightens stainless steel surfaces that have been contaminated during fabrication or usage. It removes surface rust, water staining and lime deposits and organic contamination such as oil and grease.

Pre-cleans before pickling. It removes organic contaminants such as grease, oil, etc. which will inhibit pickling.

Removes atmospheric staining caused by sea water, %u201Cteastaining%u201D, rain water, %u201Cwater scale%u201D and road salt.

Rxsol Passivate …..

Passivation Method verson IImore_vert

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Procedure of Passivation :

1. Isolate the exchanger and set up a circuit with an external tank with heating coil inside and a pump to circulate cleaning solution.


2. Flush the Exchanger with fresh water to remove loose material (like dirt etc.) till such time clear water comes.


3. Circulate inhibited Acid (5-6 % Citric Acid and 1% Rodine 213) along with non ionic wetting agent like RXSOL-T300  through Exchanger Loop for 6 to 8 hours
4. It total i…..

Phosphoric Acid ORTHOmore_vert

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International quality  86% pure Chemical.

%u2022H3P04 Concentration % : 86.00
%u2022P205 % : 62.30
%u2022Iron as Fe ppm : 10.00 max.
%u2022Sulphate as SO4 ppm : 250.00 max.
%u2022Chloride as Cl ppm : 10.00 max.
%u2022Flouride as F ppm: 60.00 max.
%u2022Ca as Mg ppm : 10.00 max.
%u2022Heavy Metals as Pb(Lead) ppm: 10.00 max.
%u2022Arsenic as As ppm : 1.00 max.
%u2022Colour : Water white
%u202230 Kg / 50 Kg HM-HDPE Carboys
%u2022300 Kg HM-HDPE Barrels…..

Pickling Dip Liquidmore_vert

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Features & Benefit :

Restores stainless steel surfaces that have been damaged during fabrication operations such as welding, forming, cutting and blasting. It removes weld oxides, the underlying chromium-depleted layer and other defects that may cause local corrosion.

Working life; the bath fluid is consumed during usage and the effective working life of the bath fluid is determined by the amount of acids and dissolved metals. The bath fluid should hence be analysed regularly, an…..

Pickling Paste Greenmore_vert

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Feature & Benefit

Pickling Paste  Green Compared with conventional pickling pastes, Rxsol ickling paste  Green gives 85% less discharge of dangerous nitrat- and nitriteions to the waste water. This pickling paste releases 80%u201385% less toxic, nitric fumes during the pickling process and is therefore more operator friendly than other pickling pastes that generate nitrous compounds that are fairly evil-smelling……

Pickling Paste Neutralizermore_vert

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1) Neutralisation of retained acidic waste For every litre of spent pickling waste, add approximately 1.7 litres of Pickling Paste Neutralizer. The Pickling Paste Neutralizer on contact with the spent acid waste will go clear. Keep on adding Pickling Paste Neutraliser solution till a faint pink coloration exist.
If neutralisation has not occurred with the initial dosage, then add additional quantities of Pickling Paste  Neutraliser at 100ml per litre of waste until colour …..

Hydrochloric Acid Concmore_vert

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Hydrochloric acid is a strong inorganic acid that is used in many industrial processes. The application often determines the required product quality.

Regeneration of ion exchangers

An important application of high-quality hydrochloric acid is the regeneration of ion exchange resins. Cation exchange is widely used to remove ions such as Na+ and Ca2+ from aqueous solutions, producing demineralized water.

Na+ is replaced by H3O+
Ca2+ is replaced by 2 H3O+

Ion exchangers and demineraliz…..