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1 .Apply materials to item using saturated cloth, brush or dip the item into the RXSOL liquid.

2.Allow 1-2 minutes for RXSOL-10-1731 to dissolve grease.

3.Use agitation or longer soak times for heavily soiled Items,

4.Wipe dry with a clean cloth, or use forced air to accelerate evaporation. A thin film of  RXSOL-10-1731 will evaporate completely in 5-8 minutes.

5.Repeat stops 1-4 as needed……

Solvent Cleaner NON HAZARDOUSmore_vert

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1 .Apply materials to item using saturated cloth, brush or dip the item into the RXSOL liquid.

2.Allow 1-2 minutes for RXSOL-10-1744-025  to dissolve grease.

3.Use agitation or longer soak times for heavily soiled Items,

4.Wipe dry with a clean cloth, or use forced air to accelerate evaporation. A thin film of  RXSOL-10-1744-025  will evaporate completely in 5-8 minutes.

5.Repeat stops 1-4 as needed……

T.POL 210 Ltrsmore_vert

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RXSOL-12-T-300-210 has a long non-polar hydrocarbon chain and a highly polar group at the end of the molecule thus having a cleaning power better than ordinary soap.

Charateristic: ( Why RXSOL-12-T-300, is better than soap)-?
1)The T.POL  ( ORGANIC SYNDET ) are superior to soaps  because  they donot form  insoluble salts Ca+²,Mg+², & Fe+³,ions as soaps do. For e.g :- 2RCOO¯Na+  +Mgso4  Ù(RCOO)2 Mg+²  + Na2So4 Soaps    Insoluble 2R  So3¯Na+  + MgSo4[ R So3¯]2Mg+² +Na2So4 ORGANIC SYNDET SOL…..

Tar and Asphalt Remover Concmore_vert

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Apply, as is for maximum performance, by spray, brush, mop and wiping. For light deposits allow to stand 5 to 10 minutes, for medium deposits 1 hour and for heavy and old deposits up to 12 hours (overnight). Reapplication of product during standing will provide greater penetration. For final removal flush with water from hose nozzle or high pressure cleaning equipment. For immersion of tools this concentrate can be diluted with up to 2 parts kerosene, light fuel oil or mineral spirits for furt…..

Toluene Tech Grade 25 Ltrmore_vert

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CAS number    108-88-3
PubChem    1140
ChemSpider    1108
UNII    3FPU23BG52
DrugBank    DB01900
KEGG    C01455
ChEBI    CHEBI:17578
RTECS number    XS5250000
Molecular formula    C7H8 or C6H5CH3
Molar mass    92.14 g/mol
Appearance    colorless liquid
Density    0.8669 g/mL (20 °C)
Melting point    
%u221293 °C, 180 K
Boiling point    
110.6 °C, 383.8 K
Solubility in water    0.47 g/L (20%u201325 °C)
Refractive index (nD)    1.497 (20 °C)

Seacleaner 20 Ltrmore_vert

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Directions for Use and Dose Rates: RXSOL-20-2002-020 is  specially formulated for cleaning double bottom, deep and wing tanks etc, used for fuel oils. It can also be used for local cleaning and degreasing of engine rooms and on deck.

Soak Method: for heavy soil put parts into undiluted RXSOL-20-2002-020, for general soiling use a solution of 10-30% RXSOL-20-2002-020 in water. Parts should be soaked for at least 30 minutes before washing off with water.

Spraying Method: Use neat RXSOL-20-20…..

Slaughter House Poultry Cleanermore_vert

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Use full strength or dilute with water.
Before applying, pre-test on a hidden section of surface to be cleaned for color fastness and surface integrity.
Soak, pre-wash, sponge or apply directly to pre-tested surface.
Allow General Purpose Cleaner to penetrate the soil.
Wipe or rinse clean with water or a damp sponge.

RXSOL Solution is mixed easily with cold or hot water in a concentration of 7-10% by volume. RXSOL Solution can be used over a temperature range from 130°F to 1…..

Sodium Lauryl Sulphatemore_vert

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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS ) 30%
Appearance,25%u2103: White to yellowish Liquid
Odor: Characteristic odor
Active matter, %: 30±1
Petroleum ether soluble substance, %: 1.5 max.
Sodium sulfate, %: 1.0 max.
Ph value (25%u2103, 1% 7.5-9.5
Color, Hazen (5% 10 max.
Water content, %: 65-70
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) 95% POWDER / Needle
Appearance,25%u2103: White to yellowish powder or needle
Odor: Characteristic odor
Active matter, %: 95.0 min.
Petroleum ether soluble substa…..

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate SLSmore_vert

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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 
Sulfuric acid monododecyl ester sodium salt.

Sodium monododecyl sulfate

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a mixture of sodium alkyl sulfates consisting chiefly of sodium lauryl sulfate [CH3(CH2)10CH2OSO3Na]. The combined content of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate is not more than 8.0 percent. It contains not less than 85.0% of sodium alkyl sulfates calculated as C12H25NaO4S.

A: Place 2.5 g in a silica or platinum crucible, and add 2 mL…..


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Imortant parameters in RXSOL-10-1693-025 baths are chemical concentration, treating time, temperature and total alkalinity. Additionally, hardness of the water effects degreasing. In case of insufficient cleaning even if all paramaters are optimal, degreasing additives can be used to improve degreasing effect……

RXSOL ORG – 3 10 Ltrmore_vert

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Proedure Of Use:
1st Method : Mix 1 part of RXSOL-19-1421-010 with 2 -10 parts of water / GAS-OIL  , For heavy oil,greasy surface use directly)Spray directly on the entire surface to be cleaned. This can be achieved by Hand spray / mechanical spray pump. Immediately after 2 -5 minute of spray the RXSOL-19-1421-010 starts its function. The Dirt, oil grease etc will loosen. 5 to 6 minutes after spraying start rinsing the system with water (High pressure recommended). Dirt and mud starts vanishin…..

RXSOL ORG – 3 210 Ltrmore_vert

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Lower cost due to high concentration
Fields of Application: Treated for the really tough daily cleaning problems faced in the proper Maintenance of Industrial and Institutional physical plants. Can be used as a stripper for all types of waxes and finishes and as a Degreaser where regular cleaners will not perform. May be brushed on , sprayed or used in a dip tank . Excellent for use as a wash for fuel tankers & as a liquid steam jenny compound.
Caution : Although RXSOL-19-1421-210 is non to…..

Safe Parts Washing Solventmore_vert

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This cleaning solvent contains corrosion inhibitors to protect metal parts that have been cleaned with this product.  These special inhibitors will stop parts from rusting and help protect parts if they are stored for long periods of time. 

RXSOL-10-1728 contains skin conditioners to condition your skin if it comes in contact with this product.  This parts washing solvent contains no chlorinated solvents or other CFC%u2019s that are known to harm the environment……

Passivation Liquid RXmore_vert

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It also helps to detect pinholes after welding.
Why Passivation required ?
1. Stainless Steel owes  its corrosion resistance to the formation of a chromium oxide surface layer but this happened due to presence of oxygen , And if the oxide has been stripped, perhaps by pickling, then the oxide layer takes a short time to reach its full thickness and this can be accelerated by passivation.
2. The heat tint produced by welding is not only unsightly but the thicker oxide layer includes chromium…..

Peracetic acid 12%more_vert

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Product performance : Best if used within 12 months and stored at 35ºC MAX
Test Method : Determination of the concentration by titration with Sodium Thiosulphate.
Handling & Storage
Safe handling advice : Never return unused material to storage receptacle. Avoid exposure. Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation. Wear suitable protective clothes. Open drum/container carefully. Content may be under pressure
Technical measures/Precautions : Keep away from sources of ignition. No smokin…..

RED NBD PLUS RIG Degreasermore_vert

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Avoid to mix with SEA WATER.
RXSOL-10-1033-020 can be used in a multiple of applications:
1. Hard surfaces – RXSOL-10-1033-020 can be used for upholstery and hard surfaces.
2. Kitchens – Dissolves all cooking oils and baked-on grime and is harmless to all surfaces and is free-rinsing. For degreasing around stoves and hot plates.
3. Floors – For mopping of kitchen floors as well as maintenance of all floors where grime and dirt are a problem.
4. Bathrooms – For the removal …..

Lac Alka Liquid HD 25 Ltrsmore_vert

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Re-circulation Method :
Fill tank with fresh water and heat up to warm 50 oC .IF a drop line is available on the tank line system, then start to circulate the water and add the required amount of Caustic flakes and LAC to make a 2.5% solution.  A stronger solution can be made, but be advised that too much Caustic and too high temperature will result in white powder all over the tank.  Under normal circumstances, between 2.5% and 4.5% will be sufficient strength.  If there is no drop line, the…..