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  Introduction: Ceasefire's water-based extinguishers harness the power of water to extinguish fires. It is the most effective extinguishing agent against fires in solid objects such as wood. Such fires remain hidden deep within the objects, increasing in temperature till they cause the surrounding material to spontaneously ignite.

  Water based:  Uses water as the extinguishing agent as water effectively and rapidly brings down the temperatur…..

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 Introduction:   CHPS is a global revolution in fighting fat fires using patented technology first introduced in India by Intime Fire. Designed to kill fire with no collateral damage, these perfect firefighters can be used at every stage of the food supply chain – production, storage, transportation or distribution.

 Solid stainless steel body :  Its solid stainless steel body can withstand high temperatures

 Easy snap safety seal: A complet…..

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  Introduction:  Packed with incredible power of clean agent, these ceiling mounted extinguishers have a better reach than normal fire extinguishers. They detect the rising temperature of the area and activate automatically.

  Automatic Activation:  Ceiling Mounted Extinguishers detect the rising temperature of the area and activates automatically.

Rapid installation:  With no piping or ducting required, these extinguishers can be rapidly in…..

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  Introduction:  SPM-TEC is specially formulated powder agent based on a mixture of 3 metal chlorides-Sodium, Potassium and Barium. Conforming to world class manufacturing quality standards, it is ideal for fighting lighter metal fires in the range of 500-2000 degrees celsius. It can also be used to effectively combat small oil fires.

  Extinguishing agent:   TEC (SPM TEC) a specially formulated powder agent based on a mixture of 3 metal chlor…..

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Introduction: The AFFF Foam Extinguisher works on the simple principle of cutting off the supply of oxygen required by sustain a fire. The foam smothers the flames and forms a compact blanket over the fire, preventing it from spreading or re-igniting. It can be used to successfully combat Class A and B fires.

Easy snap safety seal:   A completely tamper proof safety seal that can be broken in seconds. 

Simplicity in handling:  Long and flexi…..