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Champion Gasket die-cuts thousands of custom pad shapes to meet the many specific needs of our broad customer base. Pads can be supplied kiss-cut onto a peel-and-stick paper backing for ease of assembly. Ant-rattle pads Shock absorbing pads Sound insulation pads NVH pads BSR pads Gap pads for thermal insulation of electronics Mounting tape pads


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Champion Gasket can die-cut custom shims and spacers to meet your specific requirements. Plastic shims and shim sets Flat plastic retainers Plastic Washers Plastic Bumpers Flat Covers


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Champion Gasket has forty years of experience in die-cutting flat gaskets for a litany of OEM and aftermarket applications. Intake Manifold Gaskets Oil Pan Gaskets Fuel Pump Gaskets Intake Manifold Gaskets Oil Pan Gaskets Fuel Pump Gaskets Water Outlet Gaskets Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Valve Cover Gaskets Air Cleaner Gaskets Carburettor Gaskets Flat Rubber Gaskets Foam …