dvr Carbon Eco Clean

Specially designed for removal of carbon rust from any steel surface area and rust stains from brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, wood and ceramic surfaces. Also acts as a surface brightener.

Using Procedure:

It should be applied in full concentrated for heavy stains, or diluted with 20-50% with fresh water for light strains.

Specially designed for removal of carbon rust from any steel surface area and rust stain from Brass,Copper,S.S wood,ceramic and aluminium surfaces , painted or not . And act as surface brightner.

Procedure for Use :
%u2022RXSOL-20-2054-125 is highly concentrate
%u2022Dilute in water (always use plastic jar and  RXSOL-20-2054-125 should be added towater never add water to RXSOL-20-2054-125 
%u2022Surface should be sound clean and free from oil, grease, dirt etc.
%u2022Diluted materials apply on rusted area for 15 to 20 minutes then wash off with water repeat if necessary. (For stubborn rusted stains.)

NoteFor steel surfaces; remove oil, grease and old paint. Wet down entire surface with neat Metal Bright- Rx and allow to dry. Second wash may be necessary. Surface should have a grey/white appearance when the Carbon Eco Clean is dry. Steel surfaces will have a resistance to rust and will render a good base for paint. For removal of rust stains on painted surfaces and wood, Carbon Eco Clean should be applied at full concentration for heavy stains, or diluted to 20-50% for light stains. Allow to soak for 15 to 30 minutes and wash off with water. A second application may be necessary to remove the stubborn stains.

Spraying Direction: Using an empty / clean 210 liter drum, fill with 190 liter of fresh water and add 20 liters of Carbon Eco Clean This makes a 10% solution, which can be sprayed onto areas in coated tanks where rust stains are showing and over actual rusted areas. Once spraying is completed, wait 20-30 minutes and fresh water rinse with lots of water, if possible use butterworth machines for a more efficient result. 

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