dvr Carbon Black

Carbon Black supplier and exporter.   Carbon black, amorphous and carbon pigment produced by the thermal decomposition of natural hydrocarbons. It is manufactured by a modern process in equipment designed for exacting control of color, tint, strength, and oil absorption. Its mass color is jet black, and its tinting hue is a bluish black. Selected Carbon Black is low in ash and exhibits low toluene discoloration. In paint systems it exhibits excellent suspension properties and good dispersibility.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifcation  / Typical Properties

Form         Solid
Colour Black
Particle Shape Amorphous
Carbon Content, % 97.0
Average Particle Size, %uF06D 0.005 µ
Specific Surface Area (m²/g) 44.00
Oil Absorption, (g/100g) 134
+325 Mesh Retention, % 0.004
pH 9
Water Soluble Salts, % 0.20


Ash% 0.60%
Toulene Discoloration Transmission, % 80.00
Specific Gravity 1.79

In combination with prime white pigments, it produces clean, rich bluish-gray shades. It is suggested for coloring and tinting of paints, enamels, primers, plastics, fabrics, inks, and other similar applications. The Carbon Black is an excellent choice for applications requiring a cost effective high quality black pigment.

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