dvr Calibration Mixtures Gas for Cement Industry

Calibration Gas Mixture more emphatically a degree of measurement is our prime product. All our mixtures are filled using the most accurate and cost effective method available. Most of our mixtures are produced by gravimetric filling as per ISO 6142 where the components are added sequentially using traceable weights. This ensures that the expected tolerance requirements are always fulfilled. Manometer method as per ISO 6146 is another process adopted.

Filling Tolerance and Certification Accuracy: The Filling Tolerance defines the maximum permitted variation between the requested nominal concentration and the actual concentration supplied. It depends mostly on characteristics of component gases.

The Certification Accuracy defines the maximum permitted variation between the stated composition of the mixture on the certificate and the actual composition in the cylinder.

Traceability: All our calibration mixtures are delivered with a calibration certificate compliant to ISO 6141 requirements. Due to our thorough approach to quality, we are able to trace every mixture back to its original filling data.

We offer a wide range of customized Calibration gas mixtures made from the list of various chemicals within the limits of their physical and chemical properties.


Oxygen + Nitrogen
Carbon monoxide + Nitrogen
P 10 gas (Methane + Argon)
Carbon monoxide + Oxygen + Nitrogen
Pure Nitrogen

The other mixtures can be prepared and supplied based on customer requirements

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