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Burnaid is a concentrated organic combustion improver. It contains no metals and can be used in diesel engines and boilers.

 Developed specifically to perform as a multipurpose additive for distillate fuels such as gasoline, diesel oils, kerosene, furnace oils, jet fuels and turbine oils.

Technical Specifications:

Product properties:-


Clear, pale yellow liquid

DENSITY in g/cm3 at 15°C:



Above 61




No known effect


May swell

Synthetic rubber:

May swell


The organic compounds in Burnaid promote improved combustion by reacting with fuel particles, thus lowering ignition temperatures. The result is less carbon deposits, soot and smoke. Engine and boiler combustion surfaces are kept cleaner. Sludge formation is inhibited through the action of anti-polymerization agents. Fuel stability is improved through the action of solvents and dispersants. The results are improved combustion efficiency and fuel atomization

Using Procedure:

Burnaid is completely oil soluble. The initial dosage rate is one liter to five tons of fuel. Actual dosage rates will be dependent on fuel quality and operating experience. Burnaid should be added via a metering pump. If no metering pump is available, use the suction manometer on the transfer pump as the dosage point. For diesel engines and boilers, Burnaid should be dosed during transfer from storage to the settling tank. Where fuel analysis for Micro Carbon Residue (MCR) is available, or where CCAI values are known, dose


Features, Benefits and Applications

  • Improves combustion
  • Reduces carbon deposits
  • Limits soot formation
  • Limits smoke emissions
  • Reduces corrosion in tanks and fuel lines
  • Conditions sludge in fuel
  • Improves fuel stability
  • Contains no metals
  • Reduces the demand for excess air in boilers
  • Improves boiler efficiency

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