dvr Bleaching Liq 1 Ltr

Bleach, which is also referred to as Chlorox or Dixichlor, is the trade name for Sodium Hypochlorite solution (11-13%) and is a strong oxidizer.  Bleach substitute is also an oxidizer. Chemical knowledge is very important to play with any chemicals, Small variation in quality can damage your precious materials, which can't be recover back.


A Liquid Chlorine Bleach Containing Deodorizer Which Is added to the Water When Washing Clothes. Available in 1.5 kg Plastics Bottles Packed 8 bottles In a Case.


Bleaches are used in stain removal when other spotting techniques have failed to remove a stain. This process is known as %u201Cspot bleaching%u201D. Bleaches are also used in conventional laundry operations which are conducted at most drycleaning plants. Bleaches can be classified as either


Oxidizing Bleach.


 Sodium Perborate 

 Hydrogen Peroxide 

 Sodium Percarbonate 

 Sodium Hypochlorite 

Reducing Bleach
Sodium Bisulfite
Sodium Hydrosulfite

Titanium Sulfate

Oxalic Acid 

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