dvr Bearing Grease for Wheel

Dark brown colored sodium based grease with fibrous structure, high shear stability and good adhesion to metal surfaces. This grease maintains its structural stability over long service and withstand excessive churning effectively. They are available in consistency ranges from NLGI 5 to 3 for various automotive and industrial applications.


Technical Specifications:


Characteristics NLGI 5 NLGI 4 NLGI 3
Colour Dark Brown Coloured
Soap Type Sodium
Base Oil Type Mineral
Cone Penetration 130-160 175-205 220-250
Drop Point >180°C >180°C >180°C


Wheel Bearing Grease is recommended for wheel bearings and various other automotive grease applications which are not exposed to moisture. It is recommended for open type bearings on paper mill dryers, cement mill kin dryers and crushers, locomotive axle bearings, calendaring machine bearings etc.

Product Features

  • High dropping point
  • Non corrosive to iron, and steel
  • Good metal adhesion properties


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