dvr Aquasolv

Anti-corrosion rinse additive:

Powerful Provide up to 6 months corrosion protection for Ferrous metals stored in humid conditions
Efficient Used at very low concentrations, 2-4% in spray or dip processes
Process  Compatible Does not adversely effect painting, bonding or adhesion processes after application
Residue Free Molecular VCI layer leaves non-tacky finish
Simple Disposal Contains no nitrites or phosphates, was to drain with water
Technical Specifications:


Form Liquid
Colour Brown
Odour Slightly ammoniaical
Melting Point Undetermined
Boiling point 100°C
Flashpoint:  >100°C
Density (20 °C) 1,03 g/cm³
Miscibility in water  Fully miscible
pH (20°C)  8

For further information see MSDS


A rinse additive in spray or immersion systems to protect ferrousmetals against corrosion for up to 6 months. The Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors form an invisible coating on metal surfaces providing protection against moisture and humidity, whilst not affecting adhesion or the properties of post treatment processes such as painting, bonding, brazing.

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