dvr Anti Foaming Scale Inhibitor

In oil and gas production systems, the inorganic mineral components of produced waters often become supersaturated, leading to scale deposition on the inner walls of flow lines, filters, valves, treating equipment and tanks, restricting or stopping the flow of fluids. These deposits can also reduce the heat transfer efficiency in heat exchangers and condensers, causing overheating and early fire tube failures.

RXSOL scale inhibitors are customized to prevent mineral deposition while also removing deposits which have already formed. Relying on years of water treating expertise, we work with you to analyze the water chemistry in your production and injection systems for scaling tendencies and examine any deposits that may have formed to identify scale type. From there, we develop a specific scale control program and chemical application that best fits your production needs, helping you increase your production and reduce the cost of operations associated with scale cleanup, removal and disposal.



  • Reduce downtime for mechanical and/or acid/chemical cleanout
  • Increase lifetime of well and well equipment by minimizing deposits that can cause excessive wear
  • Maintain flow capacity of various flowlines associated with surface equipment
  • Polymer type scale inhibitor traceable with a simple field test

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