dvr AMMONIUM Bifluoride Crystal

 Ammonium fluoride is a white crystalline solid. It is soluble in water. It is noncombustible. It is corrosive to aluminum. It is used in chemical analysis, in brewing, and as a preservative for wood.     

Etching and engraving glass

For chemical glass matting

Cleaning boilers and pipes from rust

As a substitute for hydrofluoric acid

Wash oil pipelines

To dissolve deposits in the wells

Bottomhole treatment


Ammonium Bifluoride successfully replaces the traditional, but a dangerous and aggressive material – hydrofluoric acid, which is very aggressive, corrodes many materials, causing severe burns, releases harmful to breathe fumes. Ammonium bifluoride use instead of hydrofluoric acid is safer for use, storage and transportation and is less harmful, and reduce your costs by 10 – 15%.

Matt drawing on glass can be obtained chemically. For this glass coated with a thin layer of wax. Prepared in advance figure is placed on the reverse side of the glass to the light, and the blunt end of the needle scratched necessary in paraffin sections. Then, using clay to make the glass cell and poured back etching solutions based on ammonium bifluoride.
Ammonium bifluoride use instead of hydrofluoric acid greatly simplifies the processing of glass, making it safer and less harmful, and reduce your costs by 10 – 15%.

In oil extraction method has been successfully applied acidizing bottom-hole, you can restore and improve the filtration characteristics, dissolve and loosen deposits in the well and increase the permeability layer zones and thus debit wells.
Usually for cooking acidic mixture used technical Hydrofluoric acid. When you replace it on ammonium bifluoride savings of 10-15%. For comparison, if the acid used in the working mixture of hydrofluoric acid (45%), it would take 1.55 times more than if we use a dry ammonium bifluoride.

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