dvr All Level Liquid sampler

ALL LEVEL LIQUID SAMPLER. We are Liquid Sampler manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India.

Capacity  ::: 1000ML
Materials ::: SS 304  ( Brass materials also available on ORDER )

Long-Handled Dippers easy sampling from tanks, vats, lakes, etc.

Dipping vessel for taking all-layer samples from tanks, tank wagons, water courses, water purification plants.


Dipping vessels can be used for point sampling, all-layer samples and soil samples.

Technical Specifications:

With Easy-Flow, the flow optimised flow valve
High weight (2.1 kg) for faster lowering
Contents 1000 ml
Height with handles 427 mm
Made of non-spark producing brass or stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301) for Ex area
Please order the appropriate lowering cable at the same time
Tested for use in the Ex protection zone 0
Explosion Categories IIA, IIB and IIC


Liquid Sampler leading and quality product Manufacturer and supplier of All Level Liquid Sampler, Liquid Bottom Sampler, Weighted Beaker

All Level Liquid sampler     Sampler for Ship CARGO and Dip tank                    Product code :  RXSOL-63-6129-001
Liquid Bottom Sampler       Capacity ::: 1000ML, Steel ::: SS 304                       Product code : RXSOL-63-6130-001
Cup Case Thermometer sampler        THERMOMETER HOLDER                     Product code : RXSOL-41-8636-025
Running Sampler               WEIGHTED BEAKER CAN 1000ML SS 304            Product code : RXSOL-60-6390-005


Dipping containers are used in various areas to collect liquids for sampling. The most comprehensive collection of dipping containers by a long way, the right product for every use as it were.

For chemically aggressive products, for petrochemistry, for the ex protection area etc. The dipping bottles for the Ex protection area are made of nickel-plated brass, therefore they do not oxidise.

Using Procedure:

Dipping vessels are heavy. Lowering requires the use of special manually-operated drum reels with a large winding diameter. Other manually-operated drum reels place too much strain on the user's wrist and could represent a health hazard. Lowering cables and chains made from different materials, as well as manually-operated drum reels, also for Ex-proof applications, available as accessories.

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