dvr Accelerage Sludge Acceleration Agent 25 Ltr

Activated Sludge Acceleration Agent

Activated Sludge Acceleration Agent

Biostimulation, which employs nutrients to enhance the proliferation of indigenous microorganisms and therefore the degradation of contaminants, is an effective tool for treatment of oil-contaminated soil. Biostimulation promoted the proliferation of bacteria, with Gammaproteobacteria showing the greatest increase. However, the proliferation of fungi was inhibited by the accumulation of the degradation products. 


The addition of fertilizers with surfactants and electron acceptors profoundly stimulated the indigenous microorganisms with N1, O1 and O2 species as substrates while those with O3 and O4 species were little affected. An enriched abundance of alkB genes was observed during the degradation of saturated hydrocarbons. Monitoring the kinetics of the microbial community, functional genes and degradation offers a comprehensive view for the understanding and optimization of the biostimulation process.

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