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Water Stain and Deposit Remover

Dilute with water to concentration desired for effective cleaning:
Heavy Encrustations: 1:4 Cooking Equipment: 1:20 Ice Machines: 1:15
Descaling Swimming Pools: 1:10 Removing Milkstone: 1:30 Stainless Steel Tanks: 1:15
Spray or brush diluted solution onto surface and allow to remain in contact for 3 to 5 minutes or as
required to do the job. Rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove residue. Use a potable water rinse if equipment is used with food products.

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Water Tank Cleaner

Under the strict guidance of our experts, we manufacture and export a  Water Tank Cleaning chemical. Ideal for cleaning water tanks, these kits are immensely used in different industries. Our entire range of equipments kits is made from high grade quality materials. For ensuring its quality & durability……

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Toilet Urinal Restoreing Cleaner Heavy Duty

Restore should be used 2 %u2013 3 times per year to clean and brighten and remove water scale.  Weekly cleaning with a heavy duty cleaning disinfectant like Patrol will keep grease and dirt off tile floors in locker rooms and shower floors.  Cleaning showers and locker room tile floors with X-IT-OUT monthly will keep algae and dirt grime off floors and walls……

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Silver Polish Tarnish Remover

Tarnish is caused by contact with sulfur compounds, mainly hydrogen sulfide in the air. Other common culprits are wool, felt, fossil fuels, rubber bands, latex gloves, carpet padding, certain paints, and food (particularly eggs, onions, and mayonnaise). Tarnish formation is accelerated in a humid environment. Also, oily salts from fingers can cause corrosion patterns that may have to be professionally removed.
Silver, when properly maintained, will yield generations of enjoyment. The followin…..

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Sodium Hypo Chlorite (12-15%) 01 Ltr

Note : Store in cool place

UN No :  1791



R31: Contact with acids liberates toxic gases

R34: Causes burns


S1/2: Keep locked up and out of the reach of children.

S28: After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water

S45: In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek  medical advice (show the label where possible)

S50: Do not mix with acids

S50: Do not mix with reducing agent…..

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Sodium Hypo Chlorite (12-15%) 05 Ltr

A weak soln. ( 1.2 % ) is used. For purifying water
0.02 to 0 .2 % volumetric is sufficient for Potable Water Treatment



            Sodium Hypochlorite as Chlorine                           : 15%

            Sodium Hydroxide                                                      :   1%

INERT INGREDIENTS:                                                           : 84%

             Total                                                         …..

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Toilet Bowl Urinal Cleaner Disinfectant

To clean and disinfect both toilet bowls and urinals – first remove standing water by forcing it up and over the trap area with swab mop.  Wring excess water out of the swab mop and saturate with bowl cleaner.  Start the cleaning operation under the rim of the commode or top rim of the urinal using the side of the applicator.  Force the bowl cleaner up and in to the water outlet holes allowing the product to run down the sides of the bowl or urinal.  This will allow the full strength product t…..

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Toilet Bowl and Urinal Cleaner Might Mint Thick

Remove water from bowl by forcing over trap with applicator swab.

Press excess water out of swab.

Saturate swab with Might Mint, hold bottle and swab over bowl.

Clean entire bowl, under the rim and at water outlets.  Flush to rinse swab and rinse Mighty Mint off.

To clean urinals, saturate swab with Mighty Mint holding swab and bottle over urinal, swab entire surface with attention to grooves at sides and water outlets at the top.

Flush well and rinse out swab…..

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Toilet Cleaner 10 Ltr

RXSOL TOILET CLEANER is an effective toilet cleaner formulated to remove deposits and stubborn stains. It leaves toilet bowls and urinals sparkling clean.



%uF046    Regular use prevents lime-scale build-up

%uF046    Ideal stickness for extended contact time

%uF046    Squre-bottle with directional spout, enable fast &easy application.

%uF046   Colour & alpha-numeric codes to prevent application mistakes.



RXSOL TOILET CLEANER is a ready to use product. Before use shake w…..

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Toilet Cleaner 5 Lts

Removes stains where toilet germs lurk. Keeps toilets glistening clean without scrubbing. Works chemically and cleans even hidden traps. Use at least twice a week to remove film stains, incrustations and toilet odors.

* Regular use prevents lime-scale build-up
* Ideal stickness for extended contact time
* Squre-bottle with directional spout, enable fast &easy application.
* Colour & alpha-numeric codes to prevent application mistakes……

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Toilet Cleaner Descaler

It is a blend of surfactants, chelating agent, organic thickener, quaternery halide, phosphoric acid and perfume.
It is the ultimate in washroom cleaning and can be used on toilets, sinks and showers without fear of damage to the finish on stainless steel.
It is excellent for use on terazzo and quarry tiled floors, leaving all areas fresh, gleaming and clean.
It does not contain any harsh abrasives and afteruse leaves a pleasent fragrance.
KITCHEN & BATHROOM CLEANER , lime eater dissolves …..

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Toilet Cleaner-500 ml

RXSOL TOILET CLEANER is a ready to use product. Before use shake well. Flush the toilet. RXSOL TOILET CLEANER squeeze in the rim, around the bowl, or in water / flush paths above water outlets. Leave for best result for a movements. (5 to 10 minuts of contact time depending upon the bowl condition). After that scrub the inside of the bowl with the brush to remove defficult stains. Then flush to inside the toilet / urinal……

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