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Safe Acid Descalex Liquid 25 Ltr


%u2022 Automotive – Closed Circuit Cooling, Dynamometers, Extruders, Molders, Radiators, Welders

%u2022 Bottling – CO2 Generators, Heaters, Exchangers, Rinse Tanks, Sterilizers, Washers

. HOUSE HOLD – Dissolves hard and old lime scale deposits from your appliances. It extends the life of the appliance and saves running cost. It can be used in appliances such as Washing Machines, Dish Washers, Geysers, Steam Iron, Coffee Makers, Bath Tubs, Bathroom Fixtures etc.

%u2022 Buildings – Chillers, Cooling …..

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Sulfamic Acid Descaler Cleaner with colour indicator Inhibitor

Packing of Sulphamic acid

Sulphamic Acid is available in H.D.P.E. bags of net 25 and 50 Kgs. Material. Sample packets of 100-200 gms. are supplied on request. 
Advantages of using Sulphamic Acid

Sulphamic Acid has very high shelf life.

Sulphamic acid do not require storage/handing arrangement hence no adulteration possible.

Sulphamic acid has very high effectivity of the descaling.

Complete cleaning can be chemically achieved by Sulphamic acid and does not require post descaling …..

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Coil Cleaner ( Non Rinsing Type )

Other Grade of Coil Cleaner ::: 

Coil Brite Rx Yellow –  Part No.- RXSOL-16-1680-005  —

Coil Cleaner – Part No.- RXSOL-41-8672-025 —

Coil Cleaner ( Non Rinsing Type ) – Part No. – RXSOL-16-1697-025 —

Condenser Coil Cleaner  – Part No.- RXSOL-50-5015-025 —

Evaporator Coil Cleaner :::  Part No.- RXSOL-51-6004-025  —…..

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Floor Stripper 10 Ltr

How to strip a floor  :::—
The purpose of stripping a floor is to remove all the old floor finish off the floor.  Over time floor finish can turn yellow and can build a haze.  If burnishing or polishing your floor does not correct this, it's probably time to strip your floors and do a new recoat.  Stripping a floor can be a quick and clean procedure if you have the correct tools for the job.  The use of a good floor stripper will make your life much easier, it's better to have the floor str…..

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Air Cooler Cleaner 1 Ltr

1. It is a powerful solvent emulsion cleaner for cleaning of diesel engine air coolers, scavenging air systems and compressor …
2. ACC-009 is a liquid compound consisting of specific corrosion inhibitors , to prtect SOFT METAL
Field :: – AHU, FCU, Air Conditioners, Car Condenser and Radiator, Air Cooled Chillers, Air Cooled Condensers, Air Cooler Tube Bundle etc.
It has self foaming characteristics which starts immediate foaming when it comes in contact with dirt, enabling excellent penet…..

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Aqua Break RX 210 Ltrs

Can be used for all types of cleaning and degreasing including engine rooms and cargo tanks. Can be used as accoomodation cleaner for Bulkheads, Deck, Toilet etc. Sutable for clening of Soiled Textiles such as rugs , cover, mats etc. Effectively Clean Fibre Glass, Boats, Hulls and Painted Surfaces. 
NOTE : Bio-degradable product, it is low toxic, non-caustic and from hydrocarbons.
WHY RXSOL-16-3003-AB is better ?
An economical  highly concentrated product.

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Bilge Clean 210 Ltr

RXSOL-10-1002-210 is used in combination with multistage bilge water cleaning systems that include mechanical separation of free oil, emulsion breaking, flocculation and filtration. After dosing, Bilge Water Flocculant breaks the oil-in-water emulsion created by contaminants in lubricating and fuel oils, emulsifying cleaning agents etc. It then destabilizes the remaining small oil droplets and agglomerates them into larger particles (flocs) that are easily collected by filtering. It is highly …..

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Bilge Water Flocculant

International environmental regulations set strict rules as to the oil content in effluent water from ships. To meet these regulations, a combination of mechanical and chemical cleaning is necessary. Bilge Water Flocculant is used in combination with multistage bilge water cleaning systems that include mechanical separation of free oil, emulsion breaking, flocculation and filtration. After dosing, Bilge Water Flocculant breaks the oil-in-water emulsion created by contaminants in lubricating an…..

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Turbine Kleen 81 Rx

Advantage :
Easy and safe to use: Turbine Kleen 81 Rx  is non-aggressive against the eyes and skin. When using the product no special precautionary measures other than standard safety procedures for the application of cleaning products need be observed.

Easy disposal: Turbine Kleen 81 Rx  is biodegradable in any biological sewer system. Disposal of the off-line wash effluent therefore is determined by the engine fouling found in the solution.

Easy to handle and supply : Turbine Kleen 81 R…..

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Oil Spill Dispersant Type-I 20 Ltrs


RXSOL-17-1012-020   is used concentrated  by  direct spraying to clean up oil spills at sea . It  can  be  applied  by hand spray, work boats with  mounted  spray booms , or  fire  hoses  with  injecto…..

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Bilge Clean 20 Ltr

Typical dose rate:  100 – 500 ppm  (0.1 – 0.5 litre/m3 of water)

In a multistage bilge water cleaning system, RXSOL-10-1002-020 is fed undiluted through a dosage pump connected to the pressure side of the oil descaler. The floc tank is fed according to the flow of the bilge water pumped into it. The feed is adjusted in connection with the installation It is highly recommended for heavy duty degreasing action  , Depending on contamination 5-25% with fresh water.

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Seacleaner 210 Ltr

Pre-wash with Hot water ( 50 degrees C)  is helpful before cleaning with SEACLEAN. This trick will help to remove excess of oil contaminates and also hot water releasing bond between metal and oil contamination.  But never follow this step for crude oil, drying and semi-drying oils as these products can reverse cleaning effect with hot water. In this case, prewash with cold water should be applied to remove excess of oil from tank and metal surface area.
Highly concentrated product easily emulsi…..

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Seacleaner- org

Highly effective concentrated cleaner .

Versatile, can be used for a wide application range ( for TANK or general cleaning .)

Provides quick and thorough emulsifying action.

Can be used for cleaning , gas freeing of double bottom, deep and other fuel oil bunker tanks.

May also be used for cleaning and gas-freeing of crude and refined mineral oil cargo tanks.

It can be used as a general purpose cleaner to remove oil and grease deposits  and cleaning of bilge spac…..

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Metalic Brightner HD 25 Ltr

specially designed for  removal of rust from any steel surface area and rust stain from Brass , Copper , S.S wood , ceramic and aluminium surfaces , painted or not . And act as  surface brightner.
Note :-

When cleaning aluminium, brass & copper flush with water upon completion of cleaning immediately Warning : In case of contact with skin , wash immediately with plenty of water. Use chemical resistance PVC gloves for skin contact and also use face mask for eye and face protection.

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Hand Cleaner Paste Waterless 1 Kg X 6 No

Avoid contact with wounded skin
Super tough premium industrial waterless hand cleaner gel , uses orange / lemon  peel extract , effectively remove wet paint, printing inks, greases, Oil, Adhesives, grime, Carbon black, glue and several other to remove most stubborn Hand cleaner manufacturer and exporter from India , for Wholesaler and Trader  Greaseless, waterless hand cleaner. ; Fresh orange / lemon scent; Contains no petroleum distillates to dry out skin Hand Cleaner Gel is not flammable and…..

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