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Vap Treat SOL 25 Ltr

Dosage :

Daily Out Put Evaporator

Daily  RXSOL VT 6001 Requirement

10  – 20 MT

100-200 ML

30 %u2013 40 MT

300-400 ML

50 %u2013 60 MT


Setting the Flow Rate: The treatment is added to the dosage tank and mixed with water. Example: With the 0.5 litres of Vaptreat add sufficient water to make up 50 litres of liquid.The standard flow meter is Adjustable-Rate=0-l00ml/minute.Flow rate calculation: Flowrate = 50 Litres/24 x 60= 35 ml/min setting  i.eThi…..

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White Cettol

Extracted natural blend of Neem Oil and Pine oil .

A Superior Concentrated Blend of Pine Oil and surfactant, very fast acting & effecting which kills germs throughout the house at the same time and which needs dilution.

This amazing new product from Future Developments can be used for the removal of slippy wet leaves from a variety of surfaces. Cettol works by breaking down the resins that attach the leaves to the rails, therefore removing the hazard of slipping wheels. Citrosolve can be u…..

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Wooden Floor Cleaner R-40


Method Of Application:- Damp moping with this product leave a light wax residue, which may be buffed if desired, finally wash system thoroughly with fresh clean water.


– This solution is readily soluble in water in all proportions.
– Non-hazardous and Non-inflammable which makes storage easy.

Caution:- Although RXSOL-13-1551-010  is Non-toxic, Non-irritant  avoid skin or eye contact. If  contact occurs wash with ample quantity of water.
Method Of Application:- D…..

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Toilet Cleaner for Vaccum

Method of Application and Dose Rates:-Use daily as a normal toilet cleaner. Leave cleaner in the bowl. Scrub vigorously with toilet brush. Best substitute of  toxic cleaners such such as acids, disinfectants, bleaches etc., will have a detrimental effect on the biological activity and should not be used with RXSOL-16-1025

Product Properties:-


Green liquid



8 .0  –  9.0



In g/cm3 at 15°C: 1.02


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Toilet Cleaner Commercial Bulk Packing

RXSOL TOILET CLEANER is a ready to use product. Before use shake well. Flush the toilet. RXSOL TOILET CLEANER squeeze in the rim, around the bowl, or in water / flush paths above water outlets. Leave for best result for a movements. (5 to 10 minuts of contact time depending upon the bowl condition). After that scrub the inside of the bowl with the brush to remove defficult stains. Then flush to inside the toilet / urinal……

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With the cloth rag, spray a small amount of the multi-purpose cleaner onto the tool and rub excess dirt and grime off. Multi-Purpose Cleaner evaporates without leaving residue and is essentially nonconductive, non-corrosive, and non-staining, which means you don%u2019t have to worry about hurting your tools when cleaning.


Start by filling the bucket with hot water and a small amount of RXSOL TOOL cleaner.  Soak your tools in the bucket for 30 seconds to a minute.  With your wire brush, scrub …..

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Ultrasonic Cleaner

Make a fresh 1% solution (2 1/2 Tbsp. per gal., 1 1/4 oz. per gal. or 10 grams per liter) in cold, warm, or hot water. If available use warm water. Use cold water for blood stains. For difficult soils, raise water temperature and use more detergent. Clean by soak, circulate, wipe, or ultrasonic method. Not for spray machines, will foam. For nonabrasive scouring, make paste. Use 2% solution to soak frozen stopcocks. To remove silver tarnish, soak in 1% solution in aluminum container.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner 25 Ltrs

RXSOL-16-3006 is a balenced formulation of non-ionic detergent and thickening agents which makes excellent for use with all types of metals
  Concentrated to save you money
%u2022 Biodegradable and readily disposable
%u2022 Penetrating wetting power to save you time
%u2022 Replaces corrosive acids and hazardous solvents…..

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Sulfamic Acid Viscous Liquid

%u2022    Machines should be rinsed with water to remove loose flakes & sludge's before use
%u2022    Powder should be added to warm water for an ideal solution
%u2022    Sample should be properly tested before using
%u2022    Proper ventilation is essential for effective usage of Sulfamic Acid Descalant
%u2022    After cleansing, the solution should be drained out and the system should be rinsed with  water until pH value is neutral
%u2022    Rinsing with ROTO PASS %u2013 212 for better metal preventio…..

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Sulphuric ( Sulfuric ) Acid diluted

Dilute sulfuric acid is a strong acid and a good electrolyte; it is highly ionized, much of the heat released in dilution coming from hydration of the hydrogen ions. The dilute acid has most of the properties of common strong acids. It turns blue litmus red. It reacts with many metals (e.g., with zinc), releasing hydrogen gas, H2, and forming the sulfate of the metal. It reacts with most hydroxides and oxides, with some carbonates and sulfides, and with some salts. Since it is dibasic (i.e., i…..

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RXSOL-12-T-300-20 has a long non-polar hydrocarbon chain and a highly polar group at the end of the molecule thus having a cleaning power better than ordinary soap.

Charateristic: ( Why RXSOL-12-T-300, is better than soap)-?
1)The %u201CORGANIC SYNDET%u201D are superior to soaps  because  they donot form  insoluble salts Ca+²,Mg+², & Fe+³,ions as soaps do. For e.g :- 2RCOO¯Na+  +Mgso4  Ù(RCOO)2 Mg+²  + Na2So4 Soaps    Insoluble 2R  So3¯Na+  + MgSo4[ R So3¯]2Mg+² +Na2So4 ORGANIC SYNDET SOLUBLEHence O…..

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T.POL Tech 25 Ltr

RXSOL-16-T-300-25 is a superior & powerful cleaner. It has an exceptional solvency power on soil & oily  matter & having good foaming qualities. It is free from Hydrocarbon solvents , Biodegradable and minimizes the extreme hazards to personnel in handling materials 

Multi cleaner soap solution used as a common for home, institutes, plant and machinery. compatible with all type of surfaces. Suitable for commercial and industrial cleaning processes …..

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Teak Renewer RX

Features & Benefits :

 Dry acid deck cleaner

 Surface brightening of wood

 Removes stains and discolouration

 Water soluble for ease of use

 Quick, efficient cleaning power

Disposal : This composition meets the criteria for not being harmful to the marine environment according to MARPOL Annex V and may be discharged into the sea when used to clean cargo holds and external surfaces on ships……

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Thinner Solvent

GENERAL REMARKS :- Do not store RXSOL-18-1014-050 near heating equipment. 

Safety: Always were solvent-resistant gloves and splash-guard goggles and keep the room well ventilated when using paint thinner. Avoid Using this thinner in water-based latex paints . PACKAGING : 50 Ltrs. ACTIVE MATTER : 100% COMMON NAME : Paint Thinner…..

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