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Oil Sludge Cleaner Heavy VOLC 25 Ltr

Removes grease, oil, carbon deposits, soil and grime.

Keeps loosened deposits in suspension preventing re-deposition.

Low toxic.  , Non-flammable.

Free from hydrocarbon solvents.

Effective and economical in use , Water-based cleaner.

RXSOL-20-3300-025 has numerous cleaning applications including removal of greases, waxes, oil, sludge, soot, carbon deposits and general dirt and grime.

Non-corrosive to ferrous metals.  Suitable for all tank-coatings.

Can be used for gas an…..

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Calcium Hypochlorite Granuels 25 Kg

Typical Properties

Chemical Name


Calcium Hypochlorite

Chemical Formula



Granular Bulk Density


lb/ft3 64

Chemical Assay of Calcium Hypochlorite

Active Ingredient  Calcium Hypochlorite


73% nom

Inert Ingredients, Readily soluble salts



Minimal Available Chlorine



Solubility in Water Granular calcium hypochlorite dissolves readily at 




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CAS number      



UN number      









Solubility in water   





0.861 at 20oC

Boiling point   


138 oC

Melting point 


13 oC







Explosive limits   …..

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Scale Lime Cleaner DE Limer Machine Descaler

RXSOL-11-1052-5 is a mild descaling liquid suitably designed to remove lime, food films and water scales from metallic and plastic surfaces in food processing operations.  It attacks the built up calcium, magnesium or iron scales instantly and removes the scales.  It finds extensive applications in de-liming machines, steam tables, cleaning stainless steel and iron equipments, floors, shower stalls, tiles, walls or any surface to be cleaned from scale deposits.  It contains a mixture of liquid…..

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Oil Grease Emulsifier

Emulsifies and remove dirt, oil, carbonised grease, heavy oil , gum, vegetable oil, lube oil, soot, asphalt, carbon stains etc. Gives clear finish to the surface. Can be use all tyes of industrials and oil field cleaning, its unique functions utilises for complete removal of dirt, oil, carbonized grease, heavy oil, gum , vegetable oil , Lube oil, soot , asphalt , carbon stains etc. Gives clear finish to the surface..

It is a unique formulation blended from inorganic, organic compounds and de…..

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Dish Wash 500 ml

we are dish Wash Soap manufacturers in mumbai, FUJAIRAH, Gandhidham, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, chennai. And also we are Dish Washing Soap suppliers, Dish Washing Soap producers, Dish Washing Soap exporters. Our Dish Washing Soap is very popular in shipping industries due to its high grease cutting formulation. RXSOL brand provides quality dish wash liquid at reasonable price, along with various product range.
Great Offers and Discounts on RXSOL dishwashing soap and dish soap detergent which is h…..

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Carbon Eco Clean

It should be applied in full concentrated for heavy stains, or diluted with 20-50% with fresh water for light strains.

Specially designed for removal of carbon rust from any steel surface area and rust stain from Brass,Copper,S.S wood,ceramic and aluminium surfaces , painted or not . And act as surface brightner.

Procedure for Use :
%u2022RXSOL-20-2054-125 is highly concentrate
%u2022Dilute in water (always use plastic jar and  RXSOL-20-2054-125 should be added towater never add water to RXSOL-20-…..

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Hand Liquid Disinfectant Antiseptic1 Ltr

A condensed liquid detergent with disinfectant effect especially for hand washing. Normally stored in wall-mounted dripping tank. A few drops will foam and make clean hand by scrubbing with water. Will eliminate extra times beacuse of the unique pre-mixed components for washing and disinfecting……

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Hydrogen Peroxide 3% Soultion

1. Cuts and infections
Soak any infections or cuts in 3% for five to ten minutes several times a day. Even gangrene that would not heal with any medicine has been healed by soaking in Hydrogen peroxide. Put half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your bath to help rid boils, fungus or other skin infections.
2. Rejuvenating Detoxifying Bath
Use about 2 quarts 3% Hydrogen peroxide to a tub of warm water. Soak at least 1/2 hour, adding hot water as needed to maintain a comfortable water temperat…..

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Sulfamic Acid Descaler Cleaner with colour indicator Inhibitor

Packing of Sulphamic acid

Sulphamic Acid is available in H.D.P.E. bags of net 25 and 50 Kgs. Material. Sample packets of 100-200 gms. are supplied on request. 
Advantages of using Sulphamic Acid

Sulphamic Acid has very high shelf life.

Sulphamic acid do not require storage/handing arrangement hence no adulteration possible.

Sulphamic acid has very high effectivity of the descaling.

Complete cleaning can be chemically achieved by Sulphamic acid and does not require post descaling …..

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Alkali Cleaner RXSOL ORG – 6


High penetration & emulsification   , Reduces down time.
Low toxicity, non -corrosive. Highly effective, economical solvent cleaner.
For cleaning of machinery parts, bulk heads, decks, bottom plates & any oil/grease dirty areas.
Used for cargo tank cleaning of mineral oils and petroleum based chemicals, Sludge etc .

CAUTION : RXSOL-20-2059-025 / 050 is alkaline in nature and contact of the skin or eyes should be avoided.

NOTE : The data set forth in this Bulletin is …..

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SLUDZA (Nonstop Cleaning Agent)

Refer to product Material Safety Data Sheet for specific physical properties, health hazard, first aid and
High penetration & emulsification   , Reduces down time. For cleaning of machinery parts, bulk heads, decks, bottom plates & any oil/grease dirty areas.Used for cargo tank cleaning of mineral oils and petroleum based chemicals, Sludge etc ……

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RXSOL ORG – 3 210 Ltr

Lower cost due to high concentration
Fields of Application: Treated for the really tough daily cleaning problems faced in the proper Maintenance of Industrial and Institutional physical plants. Can be used as a stripper for all types of waxes and finishes and as a Degreaser where regular cleaners will not perform. May be brushed on , sprayed or used in a dip tank . Excellent for use as a wash for fuel tankers & as a liquid steam jenny compound.
Caution : Although RXSOL-19-1421-210 is non to…..

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