Conventional Fire Alarm System

Advantages of a Conventional Fire Alarm System over an Addressable Fire Alarm System

Control panel & devices tend to be cheaper
Simple setup, no configuration required
Wide range of compatibility between manufacturers



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Addressable Fire Alarm System

Analogue Addressable (Single Loop)
Nano is the latest fire detection control panel from Gent by Honeywell. Ideal for smaller sites that require advanced fire sensing and evacuation options, the single loop, analogue addressable panel offers end users a compact system backed by the power of Vigilon loop technology. Certified to EN 54 parts 2 & 4 the standard panel is self contained with batteries to maintain 24-hour standby.Providing far greater f…..

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Standalone Fire Alarms

The Alert Point is an aesthetically pleasing, robust and fully featured stand alone alarm system.
Powered with a 9v PP3 alkaline battery, the Alert Point includes an integral sounder and resettable call point.
Manufactured from tough polycarbonate, the Alert Point is designed for use in industrial, commercial and retail applications as well as portacabins, car parks, churches and holiday parks. It also incorporates a tamper switch to prevent unau…..

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Smallest footprint of any self-contained wireless alarm system currently available
Aesthetically pleasing design
Built-in 2-way audio VOX and push-to-talk alarm communication
Supports 32 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys (without using a zone slot)
Full 32-character programmable labels
Enlarged keypad buttons
5 programmable function keys
Intuitive clock programming
Input/Output terminals can be programmed to operate as zone inputs or programma…..

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