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Aerosol System

The ultra-fine aerosol flows like a gas, and extinguishes by chemical interference with the flame's free radicals.
Because of its ultra-fine partical size, the aerosol hangs in suspension for up to 60 minutes, and is easily vented by fan or air-handling system after discharge leaving virtually no residue behind.


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Conventional Fire Alarm System

Advantages of a Conventional Fire Alarm System over an Addressable Fire Alarm System

Control panel & devices tend to be cheaper
Simple setup, no configuration required
Wide range of compatibility between manufacturers



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Addressable Fire Alarm System

Analogue Addressable (Single Loop)
Nano is the latest fire detection control panel from Gent by Honeywell. Ideal for smaller sites that require advanced fire sensing and evacuation options, the single loop, analogue addressable panel offers end users a compact system backed by the power of Vigilon loop technology. Certified to EN 54 parts 2 & 4 the standard panel is self contained with batteries to maintain 24-hour standby.Providing far greater f…..

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Standalone Fire Alarms

The Alert Point is an aesthetically pleasing, robust and fully featured stand alone alarm system.
Powered with a 9v PP3 alkaline battery, the Alert Point includes an integral sounder and resettable call point.
Manufactured from tough polycarbonate, the Alert Point is designed for use in industrial, commercial and retail applications as well as portacabins, car parks, churches and holiday parks. It also incorporates a tamper switch to prevent unau…..

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Smallest footprint of any self-contained wireless alarm system currently available
Aesthetically pleasing design
Built-in 2-way audio VOX and push-to-talk alarm communication
Supports 32 wireless zones and 16 wireless keys (without using a zone slot)
Full 32-character programmable labels
Enlarged keypad buttons
5 programmable function keys
Intuitive clock programming
Input/Output terminals can be programmed to operate as zone inputs or programma…..

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Gas Cartridge

  Introduction: Ceasefire's water-based extinguishers harness the power of water to extinguish fires. It is the most effective extinguishing agent against fires in solid objects such as wood. Such fires remain hidden deep within the objects, increasing in temperature till they cause the surrounding material to spontaneously ignite.

  Water based:  Uses water as the extinguishing agent as water effectively and rapidly brings down the temperatur…..

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Trolley Mounted

Easy to use with Quick Activation:Being a stored pressure extinguisher, the Plus requires no cartridge system (internal or external) activation. It%u2019s always ready. Simply press the trigger to activate.

Fights Class A, B, C and Electric Fires (Not applicable on water & foam variants): In a fire situation, there is no time to think a bout which extinguisher to use on which kind of fire. The Plus can be used on any kind of fire, making it a truly…..

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Portable Type

 Introduction:   CHPS is a global revolution in fighting fat fires using patented technology first introduced in India by Intime Fire. Designed to kill fire with no collateral damage, these perfect firefighters can be used at every stage of the food supply chain – production, storage, transportation or distribution.

 Solid stainless steel body :  Its solid stainless steel body can withstand high temperatures

 Easy snap safety seal: A complet…..

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Modular Type Ceiling Mounted

  Introduction:  Packed with incredible power of clean agent, these ceiling mounted extinguishers have a better reach than normal fire extinguishers. They detect the rising temperature of the area and activate automatically.

  Automatic Activation:  Ceiling Mounted Extinguishers detect the rising temperature of the area and activates automatically.

Rapid installation:  With no piping or ducting required, these extinguishers can be rapidly in…..

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Metal Fire

  Introduction:  SPM-TEC is specially formulated powder agent based on a mixture of 3 metal chlorides-Sodium, Potassium and Barium. Conforming to world class manufacturing quality standards, it is ideal for fighting lighter metal fires in the range of 500-2000 degrees celsius. It can also be used to effectively combat small oil fires.

  Extinguishing agent:   TEC (SPM TEC) a specially formulated powder agent based on a mixture of 3 metal chlor…..

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Stored Pressure

Introduction: The AFFF Foam Extinguisher works on the simple principle of cutting off the supply of oxygen required by sustain a fire. The foam smothers the flames and forms a compact blanket over the fire, preventing it from spreading or re-igniting. It can be used to successfully combat Class A and B fires.

Easy snap safety seal:   A completely tamper proof safety seal that can be broken in seconds. 

Simplicity in handling:  Long and flexi…..

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Clean Agent Suppression Systems using HFC227EA gas

Environmental Features:
FM200® contains no bromine or chlorine and therefore has zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP).
The atmospheric lifetime of FM200® is between 31 and 42 years which along with its zero ODP presents a long-term solution to fire protection requirements.
FM200® has been found to be less toxic than Halon 1301, which makes it safe for use in the fully automatic mode in occupied areas.
Typically FM200® requires a design co…..

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Carbon Dioxide suppression

Advantages of using CO2 are :-

Non Conductive
Zero Ozone Depletion
Zero Global Warming (as fire suppression CO2 is nor taken from a fossil fuel)
Easily distributed
CO2 can be used as a common bank arrangement with diverter/distribution valves directing it to multiple enclosures


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Clean Agent Suppression Systems using Novec 1230 Fluid

Chemical Properties of Novec 1230 fluid
Novec 1230 fluid is formed from the elements carbon, fluorine and oxygen [CF3CF2C(O)CF(CF3)2 %u2013 dodecafluoro-2-methylpentan-3-one]. The primary extinguishing mechanism of Novec 1230 fluid is heat absorption, with a secondary chemical contribution from the thermal decomposition of Novec 1230 fluid in the flame.
Novec 1230 fluid leaves no residue and is safe for use in occupied spaces.
Ozone Depletion Potentia…..

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