dvr Carbon Dioxide suppression

Product Features
Advantages of using CO2 are :-
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non Conductive
  • Zero Ozone Depletion
  • Zero Global Warming (as fire suppression CO2 is nor taken from a fossil fuel)
  • Easily distributed
  • CO2 can be used as a common bank arrangement with diverter/distribution valves directing it to multiple enclosures
Product Overview
High Pressure C02 Systems



Carbon dioxide was the first gas used as extinguishing agent for fire protection.
Is a  chemically inert and odorless gas. The high pressure carbon dioxide systems are supplied in seamless cylinder batteries of various capacity and sizes.
Carbon dioxide is also electrically non conductive. The extinguishing mechanism actuated by the carbon dioxide is based on the reduction of oxygen to levels that cannot support anymore a combustion. 
Another peculiar characteristic of a carbon dioxide fire protection system is the high performance as extinguishing agent both for total flooding and for local applications.
All our high pressure carbon dioxide systems are engineered and manufactured  according to the current  NFPA and EN standards.
The components are EN 12094 approved and the cylinders are TPED or DOT approved.
The TPED seamless cylinders for carbon dioxide are manufactured at the premises of the Safe group partner company Bursan A.S. 

The most advanced hydraulic calculation software are used by the Safe group: UL listed and FM approved, or VdS approved.

A special high pressure carbon dioxide system line of products is available as well with components and hydraulic calculation software UL listed and FM approved. This products line is manufactured by Chemetron Fire Systems. The Safe group is taking care of this product line in several countries.

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