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Product Features
Easy to use with Quick Activation:Being a stored pressure extinguisher, the Plus requires no cartridge system (internal or external) activation. It%u2019s always ready. Simply press the trigger to activate.

Fights Class A, B, C and Electric Fires (Not applicable on water & foam variants): In a fire situation, there is no time to think a bout which extinguisher to use on which kind of fire. The Plus can be used on any kind of fire, making it a truly versatile firefighter.

Available in MAP 90, Water and Foam variants: MAP 90 fights A, B, C and electric fires. The Water variant fights Class A fires and the Foam variant Class A and B fires.

Easy Snap Safety Seal: This seal ensures that the extinguisher has not been tampered with, and is ready for use in the even t o f a fire.

Maintenance by mere Observation of the Pressure Gauge : If the pressure needle is in the green zone, it indicates that the extinguisher is in perfect working condition, and all the components are at their optimum.

Braided Rubber Hose Pipe: This durable, long-lasting pipe doesn%u2019t develop any cracks due to wear and tear. With a throw of 14-16 feet, the Plus allows the fire fighter to maintain a safe distance while fighting the flames.

Meets International Standards:Conforms to ISI standards, BIS and is ISO 9001 certified.

Trolley Mounted Extinguisher: Can be easily wheeled to the scene of fire without any delay.

Mini Fire Engine on Wheels : The Plus provides back-up for the entire premises.

Every Extinguisher is Hydrostatic Pressure tested: This process ensures that your Action-Pac performs perfectly. Because when it comes to a fire, there are no second chances.

Tested and Certified by ERDA: The Plus has been certified by the Electrical Research and Development Association for being safe to use on electronics.
Product Overview

When a fire breaks out, there are bigger dangers than the ones you can see. The rising temperature of fuel around the fire and paper and cloth fires are the best examples. Water is the only extinguishing agent that can instantly bring down the temperature of the fire and the area around it.

Intime Fire's Water extinguishers use the proprietary stored pressure technology, delivering high power throw of water. This makes them more effective on the fire and allows the fire fighter to stay a safe distance from the flames.

Intime Fire%u2019s Water extinguishers are also packed with all the trademark features that make Intime Fire the fastest, safest, most user-friendly extinguishers on offer today.

Technical Specifications

Gross Weight:  80 KG; 
Empty Weight:  35 KG; 
Total Height: 940MM; 
Diameter of Container: 300MM; 
Discharge time:  180 Seconds; 
Discharge Mechanism: Controllable
Range of Jet :  10 Meters 
Applicable on:  Class A & B 
Valve Construction:Forging & Machining 
Internal Coating of Can: Epoxy Powder coating; 
External Coating of Can:Epoxy Polyester Powder coating ; 
Material Of Hose: Braided Rubber Hose;
Length of Hose: 3 Meter. 
Certifications :Conforms to IS:10658  

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