dvr Standalone Fire Alarms

Product Features

The Alert Point is an aesthetically pleasing, robust and fully featured stand alone alarm system.

Powered with a 9v PP3 alkaline battery, the Alert Point includes an integral sounder and resettable call point.

Manufactured from tough polycarbonate, the Alert Point is designed for use in industrial, commercial and retail applications as well as portacabins, car parks, churches and holiday parks. It also incorporates a tamper switch to prevent unauthorised removal or misuse.

Available in a variety of colours, the Alert Point can be used for a wide variety of applications such as Fire, Intruder, Panic, Evacuation, Assist or General alarm.

Alert Point - Stand Alone Alarm System

Once activated the Alert Point will emit a 102 dB alarm (at 1m), an activation flag drops in to view and the built in LED facility flashes red. Any external connected devices will be activated. The Alert Point can be easily reset with a special key, ensuring that the unit is quickly operational again. An override facility can silence the alarm until the Alert Point can be reset.

The Alert Points can be interconnected and have the ability to monitor each other to create a network of protection. A 12/30 V dc external power connection is incorporated in the Alert Point to support external devices such as sounders and strobes. With an easy, 4-screw, wire-free installation, this truly versatile product is the ideal solution for establishments that have a requirement for a simple, but effective alarm system.

Product Overview

Black poisonous smoke is the first sign of fire. It can alert you even before the flames become visible. Or turn into a fatal enemy if left unnoticed.

Intime Fire's smoke detectors use cutting-edge technology to detect the faintest traces of smoke in a home, giving you enough time to get to the nearest extinguisher and defeat the fire.

Dual chamber ionization technology provides the highest degree of sensitivity and reliability.

An independent 9 volt power supply and a low battery warning system ensure that the smoke detector is always in working condition.

The loud 85 dB(A) alarm guarantees to alert you even if a fire breaks out late at night.

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