dvr Addressable Fire Alarm System

Product Features
Analogue Addressable (Single Loop)
Nano is the latest fire detection control panel from Gent by Honeywell. Ideal for smaller sites that require advanced fire sensing and evacuation options, the single loop, analogue addressable panel offers end users a compact system backed by the power of Vigilon loop technology. Certified to EN 54 parts 2 & 4 the standard panel is self contained with batteries to maintain 24-hour standby.

Providing far greater fire detection capabilities than most small systems, Nano is compatible with Gent by Honeywell%u2019s range of multi-function, loop-powered devices, which reduce system complexity and cost. 

Nano has been designed with significant input from System Integrators, making it one of the most efficient, intuitive and easy-to-install systems available. The system offers a cause and effect, which along with an intuitive windows programming tool can be configured on or offline.

Product Overview

Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are provided under the brand names of Discovery and Voyager. Both these panels are ideally suited for the protection of larger premises, especially those that require more complex system requirements. They provide system flexibility, intelligence, speed of identification and more importantly, a wide scope of control in the event of a fire or potential emergency.

This level of control is achieved because the system detectors are wired in a loop around the building with each detector or sensor having its own unique address. The system can contain a number of loops depending on the size of the system and design requirements.

The Fire Detection and Alarm Control Panel %u2018communicates%u2019 with each detector or sensor individually and receives a status report as to whether it is healthy, or approaching alarm or fault conditions.  Therefore, should an incident occur, the fire alarm control panel is able to display the nature of the incident and precise location of the device in question.  This feature speeds up the %u2018response%u2019 process and enables fast and measured control procedures to be brought into force to minimise the effects of the incident.

The %u201COPEN PROTOCOL%u201D system software of both the Discovery and Voyager Analogue Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm systems may be configured to automatically switch between heat and smoke detection at selected times of the day or week. They can also be temporary switched between smoke and heat detection to suit short-term changes in environmental conditions.


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