dvr Protective Suit HD

Protective suits and its accessories provide full body protection against chemicals handling. Our chemical expert team testing each protective suits before supply to make sure and provide complete, reliable, secure protection. We are keeping ready stock at our all Indian coastal and UAE branches.

Technical Specifications:

Full-body coverage with protective clothing wear and tear suits, Unreactive against corrosive liquid. Used with a gas mask in non-dangerous atmospheres contaminated with dust, powders, fumes etc… Technical Reusable Workwear protective SUIT.


Various colour with standard size.

During Ship Hold Cleaning and Tank cleaning process responders require maximum protection. In general, those who don't have knowledge of chemicals and its effect can supply any suits available in the market which may not resist chemicals and its effect during operation. So always prefer the suitable chemical resistance protective suit to stand against chemicals atmosphere.

Using Procedure:

Selected designed for workers involved in the stripping cleaning of ship cargo and tanks. Ship personnel handling chemicals activity require specialized protective suit which is not only chemicals resistance in nature but also flexible in each and every angle to provide them protection against hazardous liquids and vapors.

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