dvr Potable Water Stabilizer (Liquid) FRESH WATER

Potable Water Stabiliser Liquid is a combination of polyphosphates, having stabilising properties. The product effectively and economically provides scale and corrosion control in potable water and other shipboard once-through water systems. This product is specially designed to reduce the  corrossion that is created in the storage systems of pot water. The product creates a protective film within the tank on the metal surfaces, which does not affect the colour, taste or smell of water. Besides phosphates.

Technical Specifications:
Form Liquid
Colour Clear
Density 1.24 kg/lit
pH 8.5 – 10.0
Freezing  Point  <1C

Storage temperature should not exceed 40 degrees c.

%u2022 Prevents %u201CRed Water%u201D in ships potable water systems
%u2022 Controls corrosion and scaling in pipelines and other equipment handling softened or evaporated water
%u2022 Supplied in convenient to use liquid form.
%u2022 Increases system life and reduces maintenance costs.

RXSOL-51-6002-025 is used in potable water systems and other shipboard once-through water systems.

Using Procedure:

Dosing and Control
Potable Water Stabiliser Liquid is non corrosive to ordinary metals used in feeding equipment and may be fed with a simple by-pass feeder or suitable chemical dosing pump. Typical dosage rate is 15 to 25mls/m3 water. or The initial recommended dosage is 750 to 1.5  liter per 20 tonnes of water. This provides a level of 12 ppm of phosphate salts.

The product can be injected into the discharge lines of the fresh water generator or directly into the fresh water pumps%u2019 suction manifold.

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