dvr Pickling Inhibitor RXSOL 31 A


Product Name-Liquid Acid Builder


  •  liquid, acidic concentrate
  •  free of surfactants
  •  removes oxide impurities without any problems
  •  brightens copper and brass
  •  together with SurTec 089 suitable for soak- and ultrasonic cleaning
  •  in combination with SurTec 084 and SurTec 086 sprayable
  •  in combination with SurTec 085 usable for spray-, flood- and ultrasonic application
  •  suited for all kind of materials


make-up values: 3 %vol SurTec 025 (2-5 %vol)+ 0.2-1.0 %vol surfactant booster
temperature: 60°C (40-80°C)
application time: 5 min (1-15 min)
agitation: if required:ultrasonic or rack movement
tank material: steel with acid-resistant coating
heating: Required, out of acid-resistant material
cooling: not required
exhaust: Required for worker%u2019s protection

Maintenance and Analysis Analyse and adjust the concentration of SurTec 025 regularly.

Using Procedure:


Sample Preparation

Take a sample at a homogeneously mixed position. Let it cool down to room temperature. If the sample is turbid, let the turbidity settle down and decant or filter the solution.

SurTec 025 %u2013 Analysis by Titration reagents:
0.1 N sodium hydroxide solution indicator: phenolphthalein
procedure: 1. Pipette 10 ml bath sample into a 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask.
2. Dilute to approx. 100 ml with deionised water.
3. Add 3 drops of indicator.
4. Titrate with 0.1 N sodium hydroxide solution from colourless to pink. calculation: consumption in ml · 0.2663 = %vol SurTec 025

Technical Specification
(at 20°C) Appearance Density (g/ml) pH-value (conc.) SurTec 025 liquid, colourless-yellowish 1.030 (1.11-1.15) approx. 1


  •  organic acids

Stock Keeping
In order to prevent delays in the production process, per 1,000 l bath the following amount should be kept in stock: SurTec 025    75 kg

Product Safety and Ecology

The safety instructions and the instructions for environmental protection have to be followed in order to avoid hazards for people and environment. The Material Safety Data Sheets (according to European legislation) contain explicit details for this.

The following hazard designations and classifications into water hazard classes (WHC) have to be taken into account:
product- Xi – Irritant
hazard designation-SurTec 025
water hazard class-WHC 1

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