dvr Paint Thinner (NC) 210 Ltr

RXSOL-18-1014-025 is a special blend of advanced technically pure various organic solvents & penetrating agents.

RXSOL-18-1014-025 functions via a unique dual mechanism the penetrating agent reacts with paints components whilst the organic components reacts with metals to form protection film.


Technical Specifications:


Clear Colourless Liquid DENSITY In g/cm3 at 20°C:  1.

2 COMPATIBILITY METAL ::: No known effect RUBBER May Swell  

CHARACTERISTIC :- Easy to apply & simple to control. Exhibits excellent ;paints thinning properties. 100% active matter. Dries completely. Protects all common metals from corrosive attack. Reduce down time & maintenances costs. Can be used on all metals & most painted surface to remove paints. GENERAL REMARKS :-Do not store RXSOL-18-1014-210 near heating equipment.



FIRSTAID &STORAGE :- Contact with skin can cause serous chemicals burns .Avoid contact with skin & eyes.Wear PVC gloves while handling.
Do not take internally. Splashes of the product or its solutions on the skin or clothing should washed immediately with cupious amount of water . If the eyes are affected should be washed with water for at least 15 minutes and seek medicals attention sought immediately. Keep drums tightly closed when not in use.

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Using Procedure:

USE :Adequate ventilation shouldbe provided when this materials is used & solvent resistant gloves & protection clothing should be worn. If there is any danger of splashing a face shield or goggles should be worn.

ADVANTAGES :- Reduced maintenances time. Does not attack Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Other alloys.


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