dvr Moly Grease

MOLY Grease is multipurpose lithium base grease, compounded with finely dispersed MoS2, which is very effective solid lubricant with extremely good anti-scuffing characteristics.

Technical Specifications:


Characteristics NLGI 3 NLGI 2
Colour Grayish                                                     Black
Soap Type Lithium                                                     Lithium
Base Oil Type Mineral                                                    Mineral
Cone Penetration 220-250 265-295
Drop Point >200°C >200°C
Weld Load, kg 200 200
Note: These are typical figures and variations in these characteristics may occur


Lithium MOLY Grease provides protection to moving parts under very severe shock load conditions, resists water washout and gives long service life.

Lithium MOLY Grease is recommended for chassis fittings, wheel bearings, grease cups, grease lubricated universal joints and other lubrication points in passenger cars, trucks, buses, farm tractors, mobile construction as well as earth moving machinery.

It is also suitable for industrial applications where lithium base grease with molybdenum is required.

Product Features

  • Exceptional anti-seize properties
  • Protection to contacting surfaces against rust, corrosion and wear
  • Good stability under both low and high temperatures
  • Excellent water resistance


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