dvr Hardness Test Kit for BOILER

This test measures the amount of soluble calcium and magnesium ions in a mud filtrate. When measured simultaneously, the result is called total hardness. The calcium ion concentration can be determined separately and when it is subtracted from the total hardness, the magnesium ion concentration can then be determined. Different buffer-indicator combinations may be used for these determinations. It is imperative however not to intermix the various buffers and indicators.



Direction For use :

  • 1. Take 25 ml of water sample to be tested in the Test jar
  • 2. Add 1 micro spoon full of Reagent RX-TH-1.
  • 3. Mix contents well to dissolve.
  • 4. Add 15 drops of Reagent RX-TH-2 and mix well.
  • 5. If colour turns blue, it indicates there is no hardness in the water.
  • 6. If colour turns red, it indicates there is hardness.
  • 7. Now drop wise add Reagent RX-TH-3 , counting the number of drops while

Mixing until the colour changes from RED to BLUE.


Reagent RX-TH-4 instead of Reagent RX-TH-3

Calculation :

Hardness PPM = RX-TH-3  Number of Drop X 2
Hardness PPM = RX-TH-4  Number of Drop X 5

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