dvr Drain Pipe Cleaner

Specially designed to rapidly break pipes to restore flow and clear blockages. Heavy DUTY and fast effective Descaler for any type of metal (except for soft metal like aluminium and zinc). This scales remover for sewage pipe lines and evac systems . It contains special inhibitors to make its after on most metals, concrete and plastic surfaces. Drain Blaster cuts down the need to plumb or rod, or excavate when the build-ups occur.


Directions for Use and Dose Rates :- 

The most effective method is circulation for large systems or components likeboilers, evaporators, condensers, heat exchangers and generally closed systems that have the capability to circulate at a temperature of approximately 40-60°C, for 6-12 hours and solutions of 10-40% of Drain Scale Remover in water. Keep in mind that the strength of the solution is analogous to the degree of  deposition of scale .

In case of small components , the soak method in an immersion bath can be used. If the equipment to be cleaned is contaminated by oil, grease, sludge or carbonized oil, then first of all  clean the system with  RXSOL OB 1005.

Drain Scale Remover  should be mixed with fresh water  to form a  solution  of  10-30%, depending  on  the extent of scaling.

After using Drain Scale Remover  it  is essential to  thoroughly  rinse all metal surfaces at least once   with  a 0.5% solution of  Alakleen Liquid or Liquid Soap in  fresh  water.  This  solution  should  be  circulated for 2-4   hours  or  until  an acceptable pH value is obtained. This  will  neutralize any remaining acidity   &  passivate  steel  surfaces. Drain Scale Remover should not be used  on  Aluminium, Zinc, Tin,  or  any  Galvanized  Surfaces  for  which  a special grade cleaner should be used.

Technical Specifications:


APPEARANCE : Viscous Liquid
COLOUR : Black
ODOUR : Characteristic/acidic
SOLUBILITY : Completely soluble in water



Avoid spilling, skin and eye contact. AVOID ALL CONTACT. Never add water to acid! Do not use in confined spaces without adequate ventilation. Do not mix with bleach or other toilet cleaners.




Store in tightly closed original container in a dry and cool place.


Health and Safety Data sheet available separately.


Scales remover for sewage pipe lines and evac systems

Drain cleaner will remove: lime scale, rust deposits and organic obstructions. 

%u2022 Rapidly breaks down organic deposits and paper from drains and waste pipes.
%u2022 Generates heat on dilution to soften fat and grease.
%u2022 Heavier than water, flowing around the waste tap to the source of restriction.
%u2022 Restores flow and clears blockages. 


Usefull for clearing of blocked drains, sinks, toilets & urinals.
Its Higher concentration quickly dissolves organic obstructions, such as grease, hair, textiles, sludge, soap etc
Removes lime scale & rust deposits.


Using Procedure:

A plumbing detergent designed to dissolve clogs pipes. Dissolves everything except glass or metal without damaging the piping.

1.Carefully and slowly pour into the drain (do not add water to the product).
2.Allow to stand for up to 15 minutes.
3.If the blockage has cleared, carefully flush the pipe work with water. If drainage is slow, repeat the process.

In the event of the blockage not clearing, a drainage engineer/plumber should be contacted. Ensure that they are warned that the drain contains a concentrated acid solution.


Small drains : 0.25 Litres
3%u201D %u2013 4%u201D drains : 1 Litre
6%u201D %u2013 8%u201D drains : 2 Litres
Grease Traps : 0.5 – 1 Litre



Extremely powerful liquid to rapidly unblock and open drains

  • Rapidly clears hair, soapscum, fats, paper, organic debris and slime
  • Generates heat on dilution softening debris for rapid release.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outside drains, this powerful product must be used with extreme care
  • Suitable for use in schools, businesses and public buildings by maintenance engineers and professional caretakers
  • Heavy duty commercial performance





1. For professional use only.
2. Read the label and MSDS carefully before use.
3. Wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection.
4. DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH or other cleaning chemicals.
5. Do not apply if the toilet/drain is overflowing. Remove excess fluid where appropriate.
6. Assess where the likely source of the blockage is. If the drain is totally blocked with no flow and the blockage is too far away, Blockbuster would not be an appropriate treatment and a qualified drainage engineer/plumber should be contacted.

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