dvr Corrosion Inhibitor Antifoulant for Aluminium cooling system

Corrosion inhibitor/antifoulant – aluminium cooling & closed circuit systems

RXSOL-40-4026-025 is a superior corrosion inhibitor developed for use in closed water circulating systems containing aluminium. RXSOL-40-4026-025 is based on a novel blend of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors, including molybdate, intended to protect steel, copper and other nonferrous metals. RXSOL-40-4026 is an ideal treatment for closed chilled water and low pressure heating systems. Whilst RXSOL-40-4026 is designed to protect systems which incorporate aluminium, it should NOT be used in systems with %u201CStelrad Super Plus Modular%u201D boilers where an alternative product should be used. In all applications of  RXSOL-40-4026, where aluminium is present it is important to control the pH in the range 7-8.

Using Procedure:

Dosing of RXSOL-40-4026 – For systems containing no aluminium RXSOL-40-4026 should be dosed at 0.5 to 1% (5,000 – 10,000 ml/m3 ) in order to give a reserve of 50ppm of sodium molybdate.
For systems containing aluminium the dosage of 1-1.5% should be added in order to maintain a minimum reserve of 100ppm of sodium molybdate.
In certain circumstances it may be necessary to adjust the pH separately by the addition of pH conditioner. In systems requiring significant passivation higher initial dosages may be required to yield the required inhibitor residual.

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