dvr Coolant Extended Life RXSOL ELC

Specialized for high speed coolant pumps , RXSOL ELC is a blend of organic compound along with 3 to 15% benzotriazole is especially useful in preventing cavitation corrosion in high speed coolant pumps having aluminum housing and impellers. This could aid service life.

Technical Specifications:

Boiling protection with 15 psi (1 bar) radiator cap

 50% Rxsol ELC/50% water 

 60% Rxsol ELC/40% water (RXSOL ELC concentrate added)

129°C (265°F)

132°C (270°F)

Freezing protection

 50% Rxsol  ELC/50% water

60% Rxsol ELC/40% water (ELC concentrate added

-37°C (-34°F)

-52°C (-62°F)

Nitrite (50% solution)

500 ppm

Molybdate (50% solution)

530 ppm




Factory-Fill-Used as standard factory-fill for all Cat machine cooling systems.

Lower Maintenance Costs-Reduces engine coolant and additive costs by as much as 500% compared to conventional coolants.  It eliminates the need for supplemental coolant

additives, extends coolant-change-out intervals and reduces disposal requirements.

Advanced Metal Protection-Incorporates an advanced formula technology with organic

Acid additive corrosion inhibitors, such as a combination of mono and dicarboxylates for maximum protection of copper, solder, brass, steel, cast iron and aluminum.

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