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Why does free chlorine in treated water decline over time?

Chlorine is an extremely reactive chemical. Right after the sodium hypochlorite is added to the water, chlorine levels decline because the chlorine is reacting with inorganic and organic matter and microbes. After those reactions are complete, chlorine in water will slowly escape into the air as a gas. This is the reason that free and total chlorine levels slowly degrade over time in a covered (but not sealed) container, and also why i…..

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Analytical chemistry

Sodium thiosulfate is also used in analytical chemistry. It can, when heated with a sample containing aluminum cation, produce a white precipitation:

2 Al3+ + 3 S2O32%u2212 + 3 H2O %u21923 SO2 + 3 S + 2 Al(OH)3


It is used as an antidote to cyanide poisoning. Thiosulfate acts as a sulfur donor for the conversion of cyanide to thiocyanate (which can then be safely excreted in the urine), catalyzed by the enzyme rhodanase.

It has also been used as treatment of calciph…..

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Sodium Bisulfite solution for using as chlorine reducing agent in RO units and for membranes preservation. Acts as Dechlorinating agent is a kind of rapid reaction, is used to remove the residual chlorine in the reverse osmosis water, suitable for all kinds of reverse osmosis membrane.

RXSOL-19-1524-025 is a Dechlorination product which is frequently used in municipal wastewater, pulp & paper, power, and textile water treatment plants and as a Oxygen scavenger in Boiler water treatment.


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Highly effectivecleaner and maintenance solution for polyamide and polyaramid membranes.

May also be used for cellulose acetate membranes under some circumstances. Contact your GE infrastructuIre Water & Process Technologies representative for details.

Liquid product, designed to maintain an effective pH of 2.5 ± 0.5 over a range of dilutions.

Enhanced performance at elevated temperatures

No adverse effects with repeated use.

Optimum results are obtai…..