dvr Buffer Cleaner

Cleaner for zinc and epoxy based tank coatings.

BUFFER CLEAN will clean and upgrade coated cargo tanks after cargoes such as leaded gasoline, gasoline blends containing MTBE, carbon tetrachloride, methylene chloride as well as virgin naphtha.

It will in a cost effective way remove lead, hydrocarbons, chloride, sulphides etc. from the pores of zinc silicate and epoxy coatings. It has been designed with a pH value of 5.5 for safe application on these types of cargo tank coatings.

The ordinary cleaning method with a synthetic soap takes a long time and is insufficient in removing the described contaminants. A week acid solution in combination with synthetic soap gives a much better cleaning result.

BUFFER CLEAN is used as a final cleaning procedure when the cargo tanks have to be completely free of lead, chlorides, sulphides or MTBE prior to loading of special high purity cargoes.



Never dilute BUFFERCLEAN with seawater of river water. For solutions always use freshwater.

1. Apply 1 litre undiluted BUFFERCLEAN per
2. Let the cleaner penetrate for 30-45 minutes
3. Wash down with freshwater and check results preferably with a wall wash test kit.


Using Procedure:

1. Make a 10% solution in freshwater in a slop (solution) tank.
2. Heat the solution to a maximum of 60.C.
3. Wash tanks by recirculation for 60 minutes.
4. Usually one solution is used for washing 3-6 tanks
5. Rinse with freshwater and check the results
6. For chloride-free cleaning and passing chloride test use chloride-free De-Ionised Water for the final rinse


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