dvr BOILPLEX AT Hardness Control

Boilplex AT is basically phosphates combination with synthetic polymers.  Very easy to use, provides flexibility in system operation and control over the operation of the auxiliary and exhaust gas heaters on the boats.  The tool is designed to maintain the cleanliness of the boiler at unstable as feedwater.

Boilplex AT control sludge and sediment deposition by adsorption on sludge boiler surfaces;  particles are soft, do not stick together, smoothly removed by purging.  Boilplex AT contained component, iron oxide passivation and not giving cheance to spread throughout system. In addition to controlling the alkali content, scale and sediment, Boilplex AT protects the condensate system (Steam superheater) from corrosion caused by low pH.  In conjunction with Boilplex AT provides the most modern, safe and effective program to protect the boilers on ships.

Technical Specifications:



: Clear liquid

Specific gravity at 25 º C (77 º F)

: 1.056


: off

Freezing temperature

: -6.6 º C (20 º F)


: 13.4

Stability after freeze / that

: yes


To be most effective to prevent corrosion and scaling using drug Boilplex AT the drug should be constantly adding to the boiler system with a dosing devices BWT Dosing System.  Less preferable to use gravitational dosing device, because  preparation can evaporate when the water returns into the tank cascade.

Using Procedure:

Regularly enter solutions drugs Boilplex AT with a dosing device BWT Dosing System in feedwater recirculation outlet below which returns cascading water in the tank.  If there is no recirculation of feedwater, the drug should be submitted in suction tube feeding pump.  When using gravity dispenser the drug should be fed to the point of feed water tank or in cascade.  Drug supply line should be higher than normal water level (about 1 meter) and as close as possible to the fence of water nutrient pump. Boilplex AT to be dissolved in distilled water or condensate in the dispensing tank and gradually continuously fed for 24 hours, keeping the system demand.  The daily dosage is depend on the volume of the system, the condensate quality and purity, as well as the quality and quantity of the feed water system.  For standard operating systems the dosage Boilplex AT is about 1 liter a day.

Very large systems or in non-standard conditions will have a greater need for preparation. Many factors can affect the initial dose of the drug.  The two most important factors – quality feedwater and the boiler. The recommended initial dose of 2.5 to 5 liters per tonne of water system.  After the initial filling of the product during operation of the system on a daily basis should perform a test to adjust the dosage.  Low quality feedwater demands increase quantities of preparation, as well as leaching of the polluted water from the boiler of the boiler due to the settling of particles on bottom of the boiler during system shutdown.  This in turn entails the need for additional purging and increase the amount of drug. 

The main objective of the program – to prevent fouling.  The most effective way to fight c deposits is to use distilled water feed.  Boilplex AT created for removing water hardness instability.


Purge procedure is necessary for the effectiveness of any treatment program and boiler watershall be in accordance recommendations manufacturer's instructions.  Purging is required to remove the precipitate dissolved and suspended solids.  Normal regular purging with sufficient neutral of conductivity 700 %u03BCmho.  A higher rate of conductivity (above 700 %u03BCmho) frequency blowdown should be increased.  Additionally, it is recommended to wash weekly collector or separator pair (if any) to reduce the accumulation of sludge.



Dosage and frequency Boilplex AT controlled blowdown simple tests on the quality of the boiler water.Tests include checking parameters such as hydrate alkalinity, conductivity, phosphates, stiffness feedwater and condensate pH.  For more information about the testing procedure, refer to Table control the amount and dosage Boilplex AT  Control and Dosage Chart or contact representative of Rx Marine International.


  • Has dispersant properties.
  • Converts crystals.
  • Comprehensive protection.
  • Air conditioning sludge.
  • Multi-tool.
  • Prevents scale.
  • Easy to use and testing.


  • Do not allow the particles to stick together.
  • Do not allow the build-up of scale on pipes.
  • Provides efficient heat transfer.
  • Soft sludge’ can be easily removed by blowing.
  • Redundant components ensure protection.
  • Boiler Cleaner.
  • Increases in operation.
  • Reduces the need for acid peels.
  • Saves maintenance costs Kotel.
  • Control of corrosion caused due to low.
  • pH levels in the condensate system.
  • Controls alkalinity.
  • Controls the formation of a new scale.
  • Convenient for operator.

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